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Feather & Flower Tiles

What's It Going To Cost?

The cost for your tile installation project will depend on quantity, materials, and other factors. Here are some things we will discuss with you in order to give your our best initial sense of how much your project will cost.

Type of Installation



Existing Tile Removal

Subfloor Repair

Wall Repair

Project Billing Timelines:

1) When we sign the construction agreement, we ask for a deposit of $100 - $1000, based on the scope of your project.

2) When works begins: 30%

2) When plumbing and/or electrician is complete: 50%

3) When tile installation is complete: 20%

Modern Shower

Recent Projects - Cost


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Basic Bathroom Remodel Costs
A basic bathroom remodel typically involves updating fixtures and finishes without major structural changes. This may include replacing the toilet, sink, and bathtub or shower, as well as updating lighting and flooring. In the Twin Cities, a basic bathroom remodel can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $25,000, with an average cost of around $16,500.

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Mid-Range Bathroom Remodel Costs
If you’re looking to upgrade to higher-quality materials or make more significant design changes, a mid-range bathroom remodel may be the right choice. This may include replacing cabinetry, adding a double vanity, or installing a new bathtub or shower with custom tile work. In the Twin Cities, a mid-range bathroom remodel can cost between $16,500 and $40,000, with an average cost of around $28,250.

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High-End Bathroom Remodel Costs
For those looking to create a spa-like retreat or luxury bathroom, a high-end remodel may be the best option. This may include custom features like heated floors, a steam shower, or a freestanding bathtub. In the Twin Cities, a high-end bathroom remodel can cost upwards of $50,000 or more, depending on the extent of the renovation and the materials used.

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