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Small But Mighty Team


Gustavo Baltazar

Founder & Owner

Gustavo was born in Mexico City and came to the U.S. with his parents as a young child. He is proud of his Hispanic heritage and a culture that puts much value on hard work. Running a successful tile business takes lots of dedication and time, but Gustavo loves nothing more than delivering exceptional work at fair prices to his clients. 

Fun fact: Gustavo loves to bake and is skilled at creating unique and customized cakes. 


Guadalupe Lopez

Co-Owner & Office Manager

Like a lot of small businesses, this one requires a tag-team effort. There's always someone behind the scenes making things happen, and in this case it's Guadalupe. Strategy, planning, customer support, coordination among contractors -- you name it, Lupe does it!

Fun fact: Guadalupe loves art! When her creative juices start flowing, she loves to paint and create new masterpieces using acrylics and watercolor.

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